Upcycling DIY Carla Bauer  

Vases with Bead Pattern

You don’t have to throw away old or out of fashion vases! Glued with half-pearls and then painted in great tones, they become small designer pieces – and they look great even without flowers.

You need this:

  • Old vases of different shapes
  • Plastic half-beads in different sizes
  • Spray paint in pastel colors suitable for glass
  • Scissors
  • All-purpose glue
  • Masking film and painter’s tape 50 mx 19 mm from tesa

And this is how it’s done:

First you clean the vases so that they can be pasted with the half-pearls in different arrangements.

To do this, put a drop of all-purpose glue on the underside of the pearl.

Important: Do not apply too much adhesive so that no adhesive oozes out from under the pearls when pressed.

Then you can glue the beads onto the vase, then let the vase dry well.

Then spray it with lacquer paint in several thin layers. Let dry.

Tip: To create straight lines, stick a strip of adhesive tape on the vase for orientation for the first beads. Use the roll as a holder for round vases, so the side surfaces are easier to glue.

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