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Upcycling DIY Carla Bauer

Vases with Bead Pattern

You don’t have to throw away old or out of fashion vases!¬†Glued with half-pearls and then painted in great tones, they become small designer pieces – and they look great even without flowers. You need this: Old vases of different shapes Plastic half-beads in different sizes Spray paint in pastel colors suitable for glass Scissors […]

Upcycling DIY Carla Bauer

Vase Made of Canning Jar

It’s always amazing what you can do with a little color and a good idea. Here, a canning jar was painted in light turquoise and decorated with triangles made of wood veneer. You need this: Large canning jar Chalk paint for glass, brush Leftover wood veneer Scissors, ruler, pencil Craft tape, e.g. B. from tesa And this […]

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Upcycling for Small Closets

Whether discovered at the flea market or found in grandma’s attic: pieces of furniture with a history have their own charm.¬†But so that you can use it reliably again and enjoy it for a long time, you should work up the old darling properly. Sometimes they are ready for the bulky garbage on the roadside […]