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Photo Candle: Souvenirs with a Personal Touch

Candles are indispensable during Advent and Christmas. They spread a cozy atmosphere when it is dark and cold outside. A personally designed candle with a favorite photo is sure to go down well, be it the silhouette of your hometown or a picture of grandchildren for grandma and grandpa. Browse through your photo album on your mobile […]

Home DIY Carla Bauer

Frost Lantern with Ice Flowers

In the cold season we like to make our home cozy. However, not everyone likes classic red and green at Christmas time. This idea, on the other hand, is not only suitable for Advent, but cuts a fine figure on the windowsill or dining table all winter long. It is not only a beautiful handicraft, but also […]

Home DIY Carla Bauer

Build Your Own Brass Hanging Basket

The idea of ​​the geometric plant hangers originated in Finland. Traditional decoration used to be made from wheat or rye straw. A “Himmeli” hung up at Christmas symbolized a piece of heaven and should bring good luck for the next grain harvest. Newly interpreted with brass tubes, the geometric shapes become an eye-catcher. These plants are ideal The […]

Upcycling DIY Carla Bauer

Vases with Bead Pattern

You don’t have to throw away old or out of fashion vases! Glued with half-pearls and then painted in great tones, they become small designer pieces – and they look great even without flowers. You need this: Old vases of different shapes Plastic half-beads in different sizes Spray paint in pastel colors suitable for glass Scissors […]

Upcycling DIY Carla Bauer

Vase Made of Canning Jar

It’s always amazing what you can do with a little color and a good idea. Here, a canning jar was painted in light turquoise and decorated with triangles made of wood veneer. You need this: Large canning jar Chalk paint for glass, brush Leftover wood veneer Scissors, ruler, pencil Craft tape, e.g. B. from tesa And this […]

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Upcycling for Small Closets

Whether discovered at the flea market or found in grandma’s attic: pieces of furniture with a history have their own charm. But so that you can use it reliably again and enjoy it for a long time, you should work up the old darling properly. Sometimes they are ready for the bulky garbage on the roadside […]